Image courtesy of Galloway Fisheries Trust

Image courtesy of Galloway Fisheries Trust

Training: general

RAFTS supports its members in the development and delivery of training initiatives and programmes.

To date much of the necessary technical training programmes for biologists has been delivered with the Scottish FIsheries Co-ordination Centre (SFCC).  The SFCC was established in 1997 to meet the need for high quality fisheries information and standard data collection methods to inform fisheries management decision making.

The SFCC is an association of Fisheries Trusts, District Salmon Fishery Boards, Fisheries Research Services Freshwater Laboratory, the Scottish Government and others interested in the sound management of salmon and freshwater fisheries in Scotland and directly involved in fisheries data collection and use.  It has developed protocols and training programmes for staff working in the fisheries field and supported standardised data gathering, collection and storage.  Many of its training programmes are delivered and led by fisheries trust staff; these courses are attended by staff from trusts as well as from the private and public sector. The latest training programme (September – December 2015) can be viewed here.

Fisheries Training & Events Calendar

If you have not already done so, for the latest fisheries events and training course dates please add the shared calendar (available here), to your device/computer. Any submissions of training courses or events for inclusion in this calendar are welcome to This calendar is being jointly maintained by SFCC, I.F.M and RAFTS/ASFB.


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