SFCC launches freshwater fisheries web map

Our colleagues at the Scottish Fisheries Co-ordination Centre have worked with their members to produce a freshwater fisheries web map. The map provides a platform to host map-based information relevant to Scotland’s freshwater environment, and to raise awareness of data collected by Fisheries Trusts and Scottish Government.

The map displays data layers on salmonids and other fish species, and also ‘streams’ layers from Marine Scotland Science and SEPA. SFCC encourages others to come forward with further datasets relevant to Scottish fisheries to be hosted here.

 To view the map, please click here.

 Please note – all data is collected and owned by the Fisheries Trusts as listed below the map, who are members of the Scottish Fisheries Co-ordination Centre. All data may not be replicated, cited, copied or utilised without prior written permission from the Scottish Fisheries Co-ordination Centre, and the respective Fisheries Trust data owners.

SFCC Fisheries Map


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