Pearls in Peril River Restoration Tender – Dee

Pearls in Peril are advertising for notes of interest from to tender for the construction (river restoration) contract at Banchory on the River Dee. Details can be found at

The River Dee Special Area of Conservation (SAC) holds important populations of freshwater pearl mussel and Atlantic salmon. The conservation status of freshwater pearl mussel populations within the river has been assessed as ‘unfavourable, no change’ by SNH. The PIP project has identified a stretch of the River Dee at Banchory, Aberdeenshire where habitat restoration will be implemented to restore natural river process and improve freshwater pearl mussel and salmonid habitat.
The works comprise full removal of 10 croys, partial removal of 5 croys, the removal of one piece of bank protection followed by bank re-profiling, and the re-profiling of a further two stretches of riverbank. The boulders from the croys will be placed in the channel to provide localised habitat variation and fish cover.
Contractors will be involved in the preparation of the works methods statement which will advise the application for planning permission and for a Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) licence. This work shall commence immediately upon commission. The physical works will take place once all permissions have been achieved and are programmed to occur from mid-August to September 2015.


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