Barrier Assessment and Easement

Rob Mitchell, Barriers Programme Coordinator –

In-river man-made barriers impede  and obstruct the migration of fish. Barriers such as these downgrade the  classification of waterbodies due to their  effect on natural fish passage.  RAFTS, with the support of the SEPA Water Environment Fund, are developing a national strategy with individual project actions to identify priority barriers and ensure that suitable fish passage solutions can be incorporated  at these sites. This requires a number of actions:

At national level, and working with local trusts, DSFBs and SEPA, undertaking a strategic assessment of barriers and from this, developing a list of priority catchments where barrier removal will provide significant benefits for fish ecology.

At local level, and working with the relevant fishery trusts and DSFBs:

  • The  commissioning of individual barrier assessments to identify the best solution for fish passage
  • Implementation of the recommended best option to ensure optimum fish passage for the range of species present

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