Avon Water Barriers Project; works phase begins

The Avon Water Barriers Project works phase moved into gear in early July, and as the photos below show, things are progressing well towards installation of informal fish passes at both Ferniegair and Millheugh weirs.

An access route at Ferniegair weir has been installed, and a coffer dam erected (to create a dry working area).IMG_1197 IMG_1198







Members of SEPA’s ecology team carried out a ‘fish rescue’ this week to ensure that no fish come to any harm as the dammed area is pumped dry of water. And the great news was that a number of salmon parr were encountered, showing that adult salmon will be present and using the passes as soon as they are built.IMG_1221


The Millheugh weir site is slightly less advanced, but good progress is being made on the access route, and it is anticipated that a coffer dam will be erected in the week commencing 25th July. That will allow another ‘fish rescue’ to take place prior to total draw-down of the dammed area.IMG_1191 IMG_1195


For more information on the project, please click here.

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