Avon Barriers: in-river works almost complete

The Avon Barriers Project has seen some fantastic progress in the last month, and construction of both fish passes is due to be completed by the end of this week (14th October). The temporary coffer dams constructed to create dry working areas are due to be removed on Monday 17th October, and the passes will be fully operational for the first time.

The task of site demobilisation can then begin, including removal of the temporary access roads from the river channel at each site. It is hoped that this can be achieved by the end of October.

The following photos provide a visual update:

img_1484Ferniegair fish pass from directly downstream

img_1487One of the resting pools created to allow fish to successfully complete the journey up the pass

img_1492A view down one of the fish pass ‘flights’ showing boulder placement to create variation in flow

img_1489The pass was designed to allow for natural introduction of material into the channel, and during a recent high water event the river began that process

img_1499Installation of the final few concrete blocks is almost complete at the Millheugh site

img_1502A view down Millheugh fish pass from the weir crest, showing final work ongoing at the downstream end of the pass





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