6th World Fisheries Congress, 7-11 May, Edinburgh

The World Council of Fisheries Societies is a non-profit,
non-governmental organisation that currently includes 12 scientific and
professional fisheries societies and affiliated organisations world

The main aim of the Council is to promote international
cooperation in fisheries science, conservation and management by
encouraging and promoting sustainable management practices, excellence
in fisheries research and the wise use of fishery resources. One
important way in which the Council seeks to achieve these ends is
through the organisation of a major World Fisheries Congress every 4

The Congress has hosted 5 highly successful meetings, the
most recent being the 5th in Yokohama in 2008. For 2012, the 6th
Congress moves to Europe, where it will be held in Edinburgh, hosted by the Fisheries Society of the British Isles. The International Programme Committee have put together a programme which can be viewed HERE.

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