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Grayling By Stuart BrabbsFormed in 2005, Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS) is a leading independent freshwater conservation charity representing Scotland’s national network of rivers and fisheries Trusts and Foundations. RAFTS manages a range of core policy and project-driven objectives, including representing its 26 member Trusts and Foundations. Click HERE to see our members.

The fishery and river trust network represent a collective resource of professional knowledge and practical expertise, employing a broad spectrum of full time fisheries managers, biologists, project and field staff around Scotland, and supported by an extended network of volunteers.

At a UK level, there is a growing network of Rivers and Fisheries Trusts. RAFTS works closely with the Rivers Trust, which represents the network of Trusts in England and Wales.Many of the challenges facing our watercourses do not acknowledge national borders, and many initiatives, for example detection, control and eradication of invasive non-native species require a UK wide strategy. RAFTS is committed to working with the Rivers Trust on a range of areas.

At national level, RAFTS shares an interest with ASFB on a number of salmon management priorities and we work closely with ASFB on these fronts.

At local level, our member trusts are well placed to provide objective, professional scientific advice to the fishery boards and others to inform sound fishery management.

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